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About Us

Hi! my name is Jane and I'm the mama behind Little Kin. Every handmade item is made with lots of love and attention in my sewing room during late nights and naps. I love what I do, because it let me be Me, and not just a Mom. I want to be a good role model to my kids and teach them to be kind, good, and responsible. My kids and family is everything to me. So that is how I come about to Little Kin.



Little Kin is inspired by our little babies and families. They are so kind, sweet, and innocence in their own way. I draw my inspiration from them to create vintage classic inspired clothing and accessories for our sweet babes.



What better way to design and make vintage inspired outfits then to use vintage and up-cycled fabrics. Those vintage fabrics are just too darn cute!! The main idea behind this to to help reduce textile waste in our country. Did you know that each U.S. resident produces about 82 pounds of textile waste per year?!! That is a lot! I like to contribute to this recycling solution movement to help reduce textile waste and spread the words. For every purchase made, you are contributing also to this movement and help our environment. I want the world to still be beautiful when our kids and their generation grow up. Thank you for loving and supporting what I do.